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              Dawn could smell in the air that something here was different, more like somebody was. It was strange being a full personification because she became hyperaware of things, people, and everything a normal person wouldn’t. Especially when someone was as different as she was. Looking around before her eyes landed on a blonde. Something inside of her made him feel so familiar; she probably knew him before she fully developed as a personification.

Walking over to him before looking up at the tall Canadian. How did she knew that he wasn’t from America? This was seriously creeping her out, shaking it off before she spoke—
                                   ”Hi, I’m Dawn.”

Anonymous:is dean like 6'7" or something? I always imagine him as a giant (and izzy a hobbit haha)

Dean is a little bit taller than 6’4” but he just says 6’4” so Izzy doesn’t feel too short, but he’s really tall

Ace is about 6’2” so he’s up there too

Anonymous:would dawn be scared of dupstep at first? since it's techy

Dawn would be convinced she got a tape of aliens trying to communicate and she would be terrified to do anything until someone convinced her otherwise


        It was hard not to fall right back asleep in the midst of their make out session, not because it was boring— But just so damn comfortable. The warmth radiating from his chest, the fluffy bed, the familiar sweetness from his lips. It all felt like home to her, something that would never be able to be replicated. Holding onto his night shirt, she twisted the hem with her fingers as the kiss continued on between them. If she was going to trick him, she at least wanted him to enjoy it until he realized.


          Humming against her soft lips while he just simply enjoyed it, he loved kissing her, he really loved kissing her. Isabelle was his wife so of course he would but her kisses always did something to him— caused him to forget whatever was on his mind and focus on her touch. Pulling her even closer so their waists were pressed together, combing his fingers through her hair with a happy sigh. Nothing was better than this.


Anonymous:what if dean has a way of punishing izzy if she starts actin out.. he lifts her up and puts her in a super tall highchair until she has learned her lesson... its nothing sexual its just shes so tiny (or it could be since he likes daddy??? izzy is a baby girl???)

im crying wtf

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               ”Really? Then if you don’t mind, I’m gonna take ‘em all~”

        Isabelle giggled, scooting close to her husband and soon cuddling up against him. Leaning up, she started to peck at his jaw, cheeks, then soon enough, the blonde planted a kiss on his lips. The girl did this with not so innocent intentions. Maybe if she could distract him with kisses and cuddles, he would stop insisting her to get out of bed— At least for now.


Chuckling at her statement while he tilted his head to the side to receive her kisses. Why did she have to be so cute all the time? She was always cute, then and now, it drove Dean crazy along with the trail of her lips. Smiling softly as he returned her kiss, pulling the petite blonde closer to his body; completely unaware that this was just a distraction.


        Of course she remembered, but that didn’t mean she wanted to get up to do it. She wanted to argue for a little more sleep time, maybe trying to convince him that she’d wake up an hour before it was time to leave to get ready. Isabelle gave him a small smile once she got a peck, and how close her was to her.

              “Hm.. One more kiss and I might.”


Pressing a kiss to her to her lips before he rolled over to look at his wife, she was so gorgeous. Brushing a strand of her hair behind her ear while  looking at her.

   ”You can have my kisses whenever you want, you know that.”





A game of Never Have I Ever that takes a twist, and will leave you with chills at the end. 

that is not what i expected, woah

I thought this would be fun, but I got bitch slapped with life


              “But I had a really tough night, and I’m still sleepy..

                      Just five more minutes, please?” 

        The woman whined, pulling the pillow off her face to look up at her      hubby. It was finally a weekend and she wanted to make the most of it— Sleeping all day to recharge her battery.


                “Baby, I know that, but you need to get up because we have plans tonight, remember?”

He knew she had it rough and he let her sleep in but she basically almost slept the entire day away. Crawling on top of her and kissing her cheek softly, he was confining her with a smile on his face.

                                            “Get up.”


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